Am I blaming others for my discomfort? So often we
     think "You make me..."  Taking responsibility for 
     our discomfort is the beginning of taking contol of
     our  lives.  Many times we want others to change.
     In reality, we are unable to control others.

            The only person I can control is myself.

      I can change my behaviors, my thoughts and my
      beliefs. Therefore, I must look to myself rather
      than others, no matter how close they are to me. 
      Here are some questions I can ask myself:

      1. Am I using "I feel.." statements when speaking?
      "I feel" statements means I take responsibility for
       my feelings.

       2. Are "Should" and "you" words in my statements 
       towards the others? "Should" is an absolute truth
       or rule word. "You" creates a roadblock. Change
      "Should" to "Prefer."

        3. Do I take care of myself by eating well, getting
          enough sleep and exercise? Am I adding
         healthy  fun, hobbies and journaling?

                    4. Are my relationships healthy and

                    5. Am I practicing a spritual and                                                                      balanced life?

                   If you find that you are often 
              angry, frustrated, overwhelmed,
              worried or sad, you may be
              struggling with depression or
              anxiety and may require
              additional support from a

Health Tips:

Practicing Spirituality is about creating quiet time to be by and with yourself daily. Ten or fifteen minutes per day may be all you need.  Use that time to pray, meditate or sit quietly, notice your breath, notice your feelings, notice your body.
Spirituality is about connection: connection with yourself, others, the world and Universe around you, and your Higher Power. Use the quiet time to strengthen those connections.
     Soulful, Meaningful, Holistic